Why can Painted glass be popular in the market

Painted glass is a kind of decorative glass which is widely used in home decoration. Painted glass is very suitable for living rooms because of its rich patterns. There are generally two kinds of colored glass materials in the market. One is the painted works of art on film or on PP paper, which are exported by digital technology. They are bonded with flat glass by industrial glue, which can reflect the brilliance of each other. While achieving beauty, they also have the function of strengthening explosion-proof, and are widely used at home. Moving door) also has the effect of translucency, opacity and transparency. Patterns can be customized instantly. Sizes, colors and patterns can be matched at will. It is safe and more individualized and can be made quickly without waiting too long. But there is a disadvantage that it is easy to fade, and the time is not long.

Why can Painted glass be popular in the market

Another is the more traditional hand-painted glass, pure hand-painted glass painted on colorless glass, can also call on colored glass, but with glass as canvas, it is necessary to use special materials as pigments. After 3-5 times of burning paper at high or low temperature, colored glass was born. Because of its special technology, the pattern on the colored glass will never fade, it is not afraid of acid and alkali corrosion, and it is easy to clean. Painted glass ceiling as ceiling decoration materials can add a lot of flavor for home decoration.

Family decoration commonly used partitions are fabric partition, screen partition, fabric partition and so on. In glass partition, different materials can create different decoration effects. Nowadays, Painted glass has become a new favorite of partition. Painted glass doors and windows with the widespread use of home decoration glass, Painted glass doors and windows are slowly beginning to be used.

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