What are the advantages of the new glass structure?

Thermally induced dimming glass is a new type of intelligent dimming glass that is self-regulating according to ambient temperature and solar light intensity. It is a glass structure with the latest technology and is of great help to the use of glass. It has the functions of intelligent dimming and isolating harmful light, and can be adaptively adjusted in different seasons, climates and time periods. The main technology of the glass structure is to protect against the effects of outdoor low temperature and summer solar radiation and outdoor high temperature on the indoor thermal environment by virtue of high thermal insulation and high-enclosure building envelope structure; Solar heating, in the summer, make full use of ventilation and shading to cool the regenerative wall.

The main functional material of the glass structure is a smart nano-gel dimming material, which is the functional film material with the most industrial potential in the 21st century. The heat-induced dimming insulating glass exceeds the memory temperature in the ambient temperature, and the glass structure begins to exhibit an atomizing effect, and the sunshade function functions. After the glass is atomized, the infrared and ultraviolet transmittance in the sunlight is less than 5%. The rate is still above 63%, which can effectively block more than 70% of the heat in the sun, and truly achieve shade without shading.

When the ambient temperature is lower than the memory temperature, the glass structure is completely transparent. The external light and heat can enter the room completely, and the indoor heating is required when the ambient temperature is low. This process changes completely according to the ambient temperature. No manual intervention or additional control power is required.

The heat-induced dimming insulating glass can be freely set between -20 ° C and 70 ° C according to the needs, and the precision can reach ± ​​1 ° C. It has been applied to the near-zero energy consumption three-star green building, and its comprehensive energy saving rate exceeds 90%, the comprehensive carbon emission reduction rate exceeds 90%. This special glass structure can be used in many applications.

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