Do you want to know the history of glass?

The history of glass is very long, in our east with ceramics, the West is also a superb glass technology. The West has an ancient sodium calcium glass sintering process. In the long history of history, glass for a long time belonged to the expensive artificial jewelry, until after the Industrial Revolution, the value of glass began to plummet.

In the 30th century B.C., the people of the crescent-moon Wordy accidentally made a small amount of glass while burning pottery, and it was then that scarce glass became a valuable decoration. In the 16th century BC, the Egyptian glass workmanship was arguably a high achievement.

Do you want to know the history of glass?

For the years that followed, glass had been used as a jewel-grade luxury throughout the Mediterranean. In the post-A.D. Romans will use more pure quartz sand to make glass, and even blow out large glass containers. Then, in the middle ages, there was an important reform of german glass technology. Use potassium carbonate in grass ash instead of sodium carbonate in natural alkali. As a result, the cost of glass has dropped dramatically! Then they blow the glass bigger and thinner, then cut it out flat.

The flat glass came, the use of glass began to become popular, the nobles also began to use a large number of glass windows. Since the Renaissance, blowing glass has been an obsessive craft, so why do you say so? Burn the glass to semi-melt, then use an iron pipe to insert the air bubble, constantly rotating, using gravity to cleverly shape the various forms of glass.

Do you want to know the history of glass?

They even blow glass in prefabricated molds, creating more complex surfaces with ever-changing glass structures. By 1674, George Crowda, the British glass tycoon, had added lead oxide to the glass to make it easier to melt. This innovation also makes ordinary industrial coal furnaces large enough to heat glass furnaces.Manufacturing made Britain the centre of gravity of the world’s glass industry at the time. In modern times, glass has become more and more important materials, glass use is more and more extensive, such as glass doors and windows, glass, glass decoration and so on.

To the modern, the development of the glass industry is getting better and better,The use of glass is increasing, such as glass doors and windows, glass cup, glass decoration.the structure of glass has also changed a lot, glass materials are becoming more and more good glass use technology is more and more mature.

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