Do you know what vacuum glass is?

With the continuous progress of glass production technology, a new type of glass material appears, called vacuum glass and hollow glass what is the difference? Although the names are similar, the glass structure is very different. Hollow glass named “hollow” is actually not empty, two layers of glass in the middle of the “gas”, in most cases, “gas” is air, better quality hollow glass is argon, because the naked eye can not see the gas, so it is said to be “empty”.Vacuum glass is the two layers of glass between the pumping into a “vacuum”, basically can be said to be no gas, is really empty.

Do you know what vacuum glass is?

Why can thermos bottles keep warm for long periods of time? It is because the inner and outer walls of the inner bile is a vacuum layer, effectively blocking the transmission of heat. Vacuum glass is the two pieces of flat glass around the seal, the middle gap, the gap is drawn into a vacuum and seal the vents. The inner surface of the two pieces of glass is coated with one or two layers of transparent low-radiation film. The thermos bottle bile consists of two layers of glass shell inside and outside the cavity, the cavity is vacuumed, and the cavity is silver plated.Vacuum glass is equivalent to the insulation bottle into a flat-panel type, some people joked that the vacuum glass window is actually “to make the thermos bottle on the window.” If the warm water bottle at home leaks, it will not be warm, which can reflect the difference between gas and airless insulation performance. Data show that the insulation performance of vacuum glass is 2 to 3 times better than hollow glass, 6 times better than ordinary single piece glass, and much better than the general wall.

Another feature of vacuum glass is that it is much thinner than hollow glass, saving mounting space and window frame material. At the same time, due to good insulation performance, its anti-dew knot gin performance is also very good, can avoid the window dew knot fog caused by the invisible exterior and dew soaked window sills and other disturbing things. Winter can reduce the feeling of cold at the window and the feeling of “surface wind” under your feet. This is the insulation function of vacuum glass. In addition to good insulation performance, vacuum glass sound insulation performance is also better than hollow glass.

Do you know what vacuum glass is?

The wind pressure strength of vacuum glass is about twice that of hollow glass made of the same glass, but the impact resistance is not as strong as that of hollow glass, a weakness that can be solved by combining vacuum glass. For example, in the required location, the laminated glass technology can be used on one or both sides of the vacuum glass plus tempered glass to make the composition of impact strength and wind pressure strength are very high safety vacuum glass. The cost will increase accordingly.

In recent years, most buildings have used hollow glass. Vacuum glass compared to hollow glass started late, no matter from the industrialization of technology maturity and scale, vacuum glass is still in the beginning of the stage. However, because of its high comprehensive performance advantages over hollow glass, the development prospects are very bright. As the scale of production expands and the process progresses, prices will also fall significantly.After a few years, vacuum glass is likely to replace hollow glass as the mainstream products of energy-saving glass, the future practical application will certainly be more vacuum glass figure.

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